Wrike Review – When Collaboration Is All You Need

Wrike Review: Introduction

Wrike is all about collaboration. It has great features, though a pretty common Gantt chart, and good collaborative tools. The on-boarding is detailed, with different levels of features you can choose between for different prices.

wrike review project management software

There’s a lot of collaborative features within Wrike, including good communication tools within tasks. And Wrike has addable widgets to project streams, where you can find good tools when you need them.

Project Planning

Wrike is a Gantt based solution, but it ingeniously hides the reliance on the Gantt chart by bringing tasks to the fore in multiple views. It retains some spreadsheet feel, but in a good way – it increases the intuitive experience while never falling into “Am I in Excel?” Projects can be planned, tasks within clearly defined and delegated, and dependencies can be set – although on the Gantt chart, dependencies aren’t easy to see. Delineating the project into components is easy and straightforward. Analytics are available.

Pro Tip: Wrike has templates that are great places to begin planning your project – and also great ways to learn the platform.

Task Management

Wrike shines in task management. While it is a project management platform, it has great capabilities built in to stay on top of tasks within the project. Here are where the multiple views come in handy. List, board, table, and timeline views all present the tasks in different ways, which allow team members to stay on top of their tasks and keep the team updated throughout. The entire project is at everyone’s fingertips, too, which allows everyone to be on board.

wrike review task management

Pro Tip: You can add subtasks to tasks. This comes in handy for small tasks that aren’t going to be on the project chart on their own, but are necessary to track. 

Project Portfolio Management

This is where Wrike’s shortcomings are really apparent. Wrike does allow for managing multiple projects, and even will have them all present on a super-Gantt chart, but once there are so many variables, tasks, and timelines, things begin to appear confusing and become hard to follow. It isn’t really Wrike’s fault – it’s a shortcoming in using a Gantt chart, where once you need to zoom in you are not going to have a sufficient visual of the overall picture.

Pro Tip: You can create dependencies across projects on the overall team view. 

Ease of Use – Clarity

Wrike is extremely easy to use, with a clear layout, multiple views, and intuitive interface. It isn’t the most elegant design, graphics wise, but the platform has a nice feel to it. Almost everything is marked clearly and straightforward to understand. The different dashboard views are very easy to use, and it makes a big difference to a team manager – between all the different views, the viewer gains a level of clarity into the overall goings on of the team.

Pro Tip: Make use of the customized reports. They add a level of information clarity to the platform, and help you keep on top of workflow.


Wrike shines in task management. It’s an invaluable tool in getting things done across a team. It has time tracking within the system, utilizing timers each worker sets when they’re working on a task. This tool acts like a “sign in” and it also keeps a manager updated on who is doing what, when. While it might feel a little “Big Brother” to team members, it’s unobtrusive, and does allow for manual override entry of time worked as well.

Pro Tip: The “Stream” tab is a running productivity log – it records everything that is done, by who, and when.

Wrike Review: Summary

Overall score: 7.7

Wrike is a solid project management platform with good task management and workflow capabilities. Compared to to other Gantt platforms like Smartsheet or Projectmanager, Wrike is a good choice.





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