Microsoft is one of the best recognized tech companies in the world.  It’s a household name, and many of their products are industry standards. MS Project was once the leading project management tool. Project managers all over the world use MS Project or one of its clones to manage their projects. Although it has many positive reasons to like it, it also has a lot of disadvantages.  Let’s take a look why people hate MS Project.

It’s Expensive!

Microsoft project offers different plans and tiers but it’s still very expensive. Many users complain about its price versus its functionality. Due to its high cost, a lot of users can only purchase a few licenses – and that affects productivity.

MS Project – Hard to Collaborate

Nowadays, most users require certain amount of collaboration with their team in their project management app. It’s not just about project planning and tracking anymore. Project management software is itself becoming the workspace for the team! MS Project is simply subpar on this one. It does not offer real time updates without integrations.

It should also be noted that cloud based packages are not the exact copies of the desktop tools. This means that the capabilities are not the same across platforms.

Not User Friendly

Many users of MS Project today say that it requires significant amount of training, experience and familiarity in order the tool to be effective. There’s a quite learning curve! The high learning curve makes it very difficult for the layman, people new to the program, or non-technical users, often resulting in poor user adoption.

Poor Progress Visualization

Most users complain about how difficult and time consuming in creating reports. The lack of real-time dashboard updates contributes to this as well. It is substantially hard to stay on top of the plan without real-time information – and MS Project doesn’t give it to you. You can’t SEE the progress, only fill it in yourself.


There are plenty of other project management software that offer better tools, better visuals, and better pricing.

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