What Does Valentine’s Day and Project Management Have in Common

Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one? To get the most out of this occasion, you need to have planned things through, especially if you want to surprise your significant other.

what valentine's day and project management have in common

In a number of ways, celebrating Valentine’s Day is a lot like project management. Are you curious to know why that is so? Read along to get some ideas that you can apply for both your Valentine’s Day celebration and for any project that you may be managing. Let’s begin!


Valentine’s Day: How to Execute a Project Successfully

With a better understanding of what project and project management are. You can approach Valentine’s Day as if it is a project. It is time-bound which means it has a beginning and an end. It is outside of the routine operations of your everyday life as a couple. And it aims to get results which is to make your partner happy.

Here are some of the things that you can learn from project management to have a successful Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Know Your Customer’s/Partner’s Needs

Imagine your partner as your customer, and you are a service provider. You would want to keep your customer satisfied with your services. To do this, you have to know your customer and what they like. This is an important first step. The goal is to be able to deliver something that will be appreciated and will fit the requirements of your customer.

So, for example, if your partner likes puppies, but you give her a fish, she may still appreciate it, but you will get a better reaction if you give her what she likes the most. To get that information, you should keep your communication open. Be receptive to what she talks about. You will be able to get an idea of what her needs are and know what to provide so that she is happy and satisfied.


Without planning each detail of the project, which is, in this case, Valentine’s Day, things will fall apart, and you won’t be able to get the results that you had in mind. You want things to be perfect for both you and your partner. To do this, make a timeline of the events for that day, from the moment you wake up to your dinner reservations at an excellent restaurant.

All of those events have to flow smoothly. For example, if you woke up late, won’t be able to get the right flowers, or fail to make the reservations, it will all be affected. So each detail has to be taken into account and then precisely executed to have a smooth flow until the results of the project are achieved.

Time Management

With surprising your partner, timing is everything. It goes hand in hand with proper planning so that you can achieve the best results. Just like the example above, you have to give enough time for each step of the process so that it can be done before or on the deadline and won’t affect the other steps down the road.

Without effective time management, you may not be able to make the most out of your project. With Valentine’s Day, you may not just want to take her to dinner. Maybe you also want to go to the movie theatre or the art gallery that she loves. To make sure that you give her all those, you have to plan out the schedule of each of those activities. Of course, keep them a surprise until Valentine’s Day!

Wrapping It Up

Hope we succeed in letting you understand you need to love your profession same as you love your “2nd half” 🙂


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