Top Project Management Pains and How to Overcome Them

project management pains

Today, projects are no longer limited to a group of members that are working in the same area. With the technology we have now, projects can be worked on remotely. Project managers can supervise their team from anywhere in the globe! However, with all these advantages are the project management pains that come along with it.

There are many challenges when it comes to working on projects. With the new ways of how things are being done when it comes to collaboration, problems also arise. These issues can affect the success of the project. That is why it is important to prevent these problems from happening. Here are some of the ways that you can overcome project management pains.

planning for success

Plan and Organize

The part that is most challenging in ensuring the success of the project is organizing it. As a project manager, you have to work with team members who are in different locations. You have to plan and keep track of the tasks and make sure that they are being done on schedule.

For the project to run smoothly, you have to plan, delegate, and supervise each of the processes of the project being worked on. When these are established, you can then focus your attention on other responsibilities that are also important.

Make Estimations

Estimations are necessary and vital. With it, you will be able to get a forecast of the amount of time when certain parts of the projects will be completed. To be able to get the closest estimations, you will need accurate data.

The quality of the data that you have for your estimations will impact how you plan your project. If the data that you have is no good, then you will encounter major project management pains.

Even if making estimations is very complex, you still have to make sure that you do your best to have the closest and most accurate estimates. If you make faulty estimates, you are on the road to breaking budgets, missing deadlines, and most likely disappointing your clients.

To create a more accurate estimate for your project, define the following:

  • What are you supposed to deliver?
  • When should you be able to deliver it?
  • How will you consider the project to be completed?

When you have these pieces of information, then you can begin making estimates for your project.

Follow-Up Constantly

Another step to avoid project management pains is making sure that you stay updated with the tasks and who are working on them. You have to know if they are on track, within budget, and within the time frame of the project.

You may immediately think that constantly following them up with how they are doing is time-consuming. But it is a very important part of your experience as a project manager. You have to know about these things so that you will have an idea of the project’s overall state as well as the direction it is heading.

As a project manager, you should make the process of follow-ups easy for the team members as well. This will make it easy for you to track the progress of the project in the long run. You should definitely try a reliable project management software if you aren’t using one already. It is efficient to use and it will help you save more time for more important tasks.

Assign Accountability

This is arguably the most difficult part of managing a project. Team members who have been assigned tasks should be able to do them the best they can. No one would want to feel responsible when things in the project go wrong.

Overall, the project manager is the one accountable for the project’s success. However, assigning accountability for each of the tasks is a more complicated process. If there are a number of team members who are working on one task, one of them should be assigned to be accountable so that all of the team members know their roles and perform what is expected of them.

As a project manager, you need to be equipped with skills so that you can assign accountability to the team members clearly and without any risk of misunderstandings. You will have a clearer chain of command as well as transparency on who will be responsible for what. This will also ensure that each of the project’s tasks will be completed within budget and on time.

feedback is important

Evaluate & Provide Feedback

Evaluation and giving feedback is an important responsibility for any project manager. You can fulfill this task when you have already established a clear process that can collect data about the performance of your team members.

With evaluating, you have to have evidence to support it. It is also necessary so that you can analyze it so that each of your team members will know that you have their best interest in mind.

There are many online tools that you can use so that you can give feedback to your team members. Remember that it should be based on their performance and the task completion overall. You will be able to give evaluations that are not only thoughtful but are also fact-based.

Pro Tip

Merge your follow up with your meetings – this will give people a chance to shine, and have them at full attention when giving their updates. Nothing falls through the cracks, and things stay on track.

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