Top 3 Tips For The Agile Project Manager

Agile is the trendy project management method of today. More and more companies are adopting agile methods and projects, either outright or as a part of the playbook. Whether you’re an agile project manager or just looking for an edge, here are some tips for agile project management.

Don’t Manage The Hell Out Of It

We all have those itchy manager fingers that just need to be actively doing something…but when you have teams that self-organize, and do it well, stay away! Don’t make changes, or even suggestions – even if you think there’s a way to improve things, in your opinion. These guys have it down pat. You will stifle their creativity and ruin the agile process if you get involved. Don’t!

If you’re a non-agile project manager, here’s your tip – encourage self-organization among your team where possible, and let the things that can run themselves, well, run themselves. Your team will feel empowered, and motivated. And you, as the project manager, will use your time more efficiently and have a team raring to go.

Insist On Explanations

Agile is fast paced, and people sometimes will jot down shorthand and mysterious notes instead of actually explaining anything. This can create a lot of confusion down the road, if not actual problems. You, as the project manager, should insist on detailed notes in logs. No more “fixed button issue.” Insist on the actual explanation. “Fixed the sticky button issue with the interface, and now the search button works correctly.”

If you’re a non-agile project manager, here’s your tip – make sure your project log isn’t just understandable for you, but for the whole team. The more everyone knows about how things are done, the better it is for everyone involved.


Use The Right Tools

When you’re agile, you don’t want clunky tools. You can only be as agile and nimble as your tools and team allow, really. You can’t play 3-and-D basketball with a team full of post-up players, and you can’t be an agile team using some software that has no way to plan for agile processes. Here are the top 5 agile software tools. We have reviews of project management software on our site here too.

If you’re a non-agile project manager, here’s your tip – match your team, tools, and goal. They all need to work together.



A pretty funny agile/scrum team name generator – check it out here.

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