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Communication Strategies

With effective communication strategies that ensure each team member is aware or informed if what is going on. A study by Siemens Enterprise Communications found that $26,041 is the cumulative cost per worker, per year, due to productivity losses resulting from communication barriers. The importance of efficient and effective team communication within …

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role of a project manager

What Is The Role of a Project Manager?

Project managers are the backbone of a project. They are the anchor around which the entire project revolves. In some organizations, a project manager may be involved in evaluation and analysis activities prior to project initiation. The role of a project manager, in short, is a leader. He or she …

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build trust

Build Trust Across Your Team

Trust in the workplace is a top priority to a project manager.  Building trust in a team or a small unit you control helps propagate trust in the organization. Conversely, workplaces lacking trust are environments where an effective feedback culture cannot grow. You can’t always control the level of trust …

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project manager's role

The Project Manager’s Role

What is the project manager’s role? Take a poll at work. Ask people who aren’t project managers – what do you think a project manager’s role is? You might be surprised at the varied answers you receive! Above all, you might be surprised at how many of those answers don’t …

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project management shared purpose

Building Your Team’s Shared Purpose

Project managers know that building shared purpose across a team is integral for its success. When we talk about “shared purpose,” it simply means getting team members to be connected to the project’s mission and goals. To be an effective leader, you should be able to create a collective sense …

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team motivation

Easy Tips on Motivating Your Project Team Members

When you can make sure that your team members are happy with their work environment and with their jobs, you can expect that they will produce high-quality output as well. Nothing kills productivity more than a miserable workspace and unfulfilling job. So, the big question now is how do you …

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