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kanban board

Limits of Kanban Boards

Kanban boards took the world by storm, twice. The first time, Kanban conquered the manufacturing and professional worlds, as people sought to copy Toyota’s stunning supply line efficiency. The methodology is powerful, allows for self organization, and is far more responsive to the business environment than traditional top down planning …

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The Number One Skill For A Project Manager

There are a lot of people out there touting secrets for better project management. Acronyms abound. Websites offering courses all over the internet promise you a better skill set, for a price. Here’s the secret. Empathy. Your team is not a cluster of machines. They’re people. With human foibles, shortcomings, …

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How To Stay Focused

Today’s world has so many distractions. You have five minutes in between tasks, and quickly (and surreptitiously) pull up YouTube…only to wonder afterwards where the last 45 minutes have gone. Now you’re off track, you feel bad, and you’re pressured. How do you stay focused on what needs to be …

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Personal Project Management

Project management isn’t just for the workplace. Everyone can benefit from using project management principles for their personal lives, too. Here are some project management principles for personal projects. Define the goals and scope of the project before it starts. “I want to become more fit” is a great goal, …

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