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Creating Your Project Plan

Creating a project plan is not easy. We all know the headache of trying to translate the whiteboard into a workable plan. It seemed so simple at the kickoff meeting…but now everything is all up in the air. How do you create a project plan that works? Here are my …

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multiple paths

Contingency Planning

Project management can sometimes feel like divination. Telling the future is not an easy task – yet the project manager is expected to not only tell the future, but shape it! Maybe some project managers can read entrails, or divine the signs of the heavens, but my go to trick …

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Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff meeting is one of the most crucial parts of the project. Get it wrong, and it will be an uphill battle to delivery. Get it right, and you’ll have smooth sailing. How do you plan the perfect kickoff meeting, and what do you want to avoid? Buy In …

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How To Sell Top Management On Your Project

The race for resources is a zero sum game. Whatever resources are allocated elsewhere are resources you will not have. If you’re going to have what you need to get to successful delivery, you’ll need to sell your project to top management. Selling your project is more than a straight …

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