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build trust

Build Trust Across Your Team

Trust in the workplace is a top priority to a project manager.  Building trust in a team or a small unit you control helps propagate trust in the organization. Conversely, workplaces lacking trust are environments where an effective feedback culture cannot grow. You can’t always control the level of trust …

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A Project Management Value

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, and giving thanks for the good. We all know the story of the Pilgrims in 1621, who celebrated after their first harvest. This wasn’t a particular holiday, though – these Pilgrims were used to regular days of thanksgiving as a religious practice. This, in …

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project management for students

Project Management for Students

University students don’t think of themselves as project managers, but the principles of project management are key for students to be successful. Maybe you’re a PhD student working on your thesis. Or you’re a freshman in college trying to balance your workload. Project management for students is the key to …

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titanic project management lesson

The Titanic: A Project Management Lesson

You may have heard the news that an exact replica of the Titanic is being built, with its first cruise planned for 2022. Just as with the original, there will be first, second, and third class tickets available. It will have lifeboats for all passengers, though. Seemingly, colossal mistakes can …

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project manager's role

The Project Manager’s Role

What is the project manager’s role? Take a poll at work. Ask people who aren’t project managers – what do you think a project manager’s role is? You might be surprised at the varied answers you receive! Above all, you might be surprised at how many of those answers don’t …

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broken clock

Project Schedule: Prophecy, or Prediction?

Project management is predicated on a timeline. What will be done, when – this is the tongue in cheek definition of project management. If there’s no project schedule, you aren’t managing a project – you’re overlooking a dream. If so, why is it that much of the time, a project …

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Best Kept Project Management Secrets

What separates the mediocre project managers from the great ones? It’s the little things. The tips and tricks of the trade are often learned through painful trial and error, but sometimes you can find that key piece of the puzzle from someone who’s been there before. Here are the best …

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