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hate ms project


Microsoft is one of the best recognized tech companies in the world.  It’s a household name, and many of their products are industry standards. MS Project was once the leading project management tool. Project managers all over the world use MS Project or one of its clones to manage their …

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software development silo

Ending the Software Development Silo

The “software development silo” is the phenomenon where software development, as a vertical, is insulated and disconnected from the organization as a whole. Silos hurt organizational integration, can cause costly delays and cost overruns, and create “dark corners” for management which are issues for transparency and future planning. No one …

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Project Management Hacks for 2019

No matter how many years you’ve spent handling projects, at some point, every project manager struggles with productivity issues. For those of us who breathe and sweat project management, the question we always ask ourselves is “how can a project manager become more efficient in handling people, tasks, and time?” …

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liquidplanner review

LiquidPlanner Review – Interesting Features, Missing Basics

Liquidplanner Review: Introduction LiquidPlanner is an online Gantt chart based solution, with an interesting approach to task prediction and “what-if.” The company developed a method to project each task with a set of optimistic and less optimistic assumptions, hence being able to better predict and control the project status as …

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Trello Review – Simple Task Management Done Right

Trello Review: Introduction As it was recently acquired by Atlassian, Trello is actually owned by the same owner as JIRA. However, these tools still provide a very different user experience. Trello implemented the Kanban board idea in the best visual way possible. You can create them easily, move them around, …

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Monday.com Review – Get You To Work All Week

Monday.com Review: Introduction Monday.com (formerly known as “DaPulse”) is a growing task management app. Competing in this space with giants like Trello, JIRA and Asana, Monday must bring something else on board to be competitive – and it does! Highly customizeable task tables, with templates and endless options. The Monday …

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Proggio Review – The Smartest Kid In The Class

Proggio Review: Introduction Proggio is a relatively new application, introduced in 2016. It combines a new approach to a timeline (called a “Projectmap”) with task management capabilities underneath. As such, it may be the only way to avoid Gantt charts and still have a project management solution that can really …

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