Project Management Software Evaluation Checklist

project management software

In any kind of business, tools such as project management software are useful – and often very necessary! However, the kind of software or tool that will be most effective usually depends on the kind of business that you have. You have to consider the needs, budget, and size of the company or organization, plus the project in question, in order to find the right platform.

What you should look at, first of all, are the features of the tool – and if they will be able to meet the needs of your project. Here are some of the features that you have to check for when choosing project management software.

Management of Tasks

In a project management software, you should look into its task management features. This means you should be able to create and track tasks and to-do lists, easily. You should also be able to assign these tasks to team members. When they are finished, the assigned team member should be able to mark it as complete. These features will improve the overall productivity of all of the team members involved in the project’s completion. They will also keep everyone on the team updated on the project’s progress.


Another feature of the ideal project management software is the ability for the team members of the project to collaborate. This is great for teams that use agile processes. Collaboration using project management software will allow the team members to access shared calendars, activity streams, visual dashboards, and chat groups. It may also let them delegate tasks among their teams.

Planning Projects

When it comes to planning projects, the most basic thing is for every member of the team to understand the tasks that are scheduled as well as their dependencies and their relationships. Many steps in this process are involved. This means setting timelines for tasks, and also estimating the scope and budget of the project. It means keeping everything updated, so software that is easy to use and edit is important here.

Managing Documents

With this feature of the project management software, team members can share files. This helps a great deal in storing files and documents in a central location. This allows all team members to access them. There are also tools or project management software that can integrate with other tools for file sharing such as Google Drive and Dropbox. You and your team members can import and export files and documents using these applications. This is also integral for team-wide collaboration.

Time Tracking

With time tracking as a part of your project management software, you can monitor your team members progress, and also how they spend their time on their tasks for the project’s completion. You can also see the how long it took for a team member to complete his or her task. These should be seen easily with the software’s visual dashboard.


With these features to check when you are choosing a project management software, it will be an easier task to select one that will fit the need of your organization or business. Make sure that the software that you choose will be able to meet the needs of your project so that using the tool can help with the process of completing the project.

Here are some project management software platforms, with our ratings, to help you decide!

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