Project Management Hacks for 2019

No matter how many years you’ve spent handling projects, at some point, every project manager struggles with productivity issues. For those of us who breathe and sweat project management, the question we always ask ourselves is “how can a project manager become more efficient in handling people, tasks, and time?”

project management hacks 2019 productivity

For most people, the term “productivity” is all about getting their job/task completed before the deadline. Clearly, that’s not the ideal way to look at it. Being productive in the workplace is not getting things done as soon as possible but doing the most important thing in the most efficient way. If you’re a project leader and look forward to keeping your employees productive at work, then you might have to work harder than everyone else.

Fewer and shorter meetings

Nothing kills your group’s productivity more than pointless gatherings. Yes, you have to assemble your colleagues and have regular talks with respect to their work. However that doesn’t imply that you have to plan a meeting for each issue. Consider utilizing web-based collaboration tools or online meeting instruments for a change. Conduct the least amount of meetings as possible.

Choose the Right Project Management Tool

It is hard to deny the effects of online project management software in boosting productivity and teamwork. The right software or tool in your work procedure helps with successful work across the board and enhances correspondence between groups, regardless of their geographical location. There are online project management software solutions designed to help you deliver projects faster by bringing together your teams, projects, and clients at one place. Find the project management tool that’s right for you and use it!

Never Be Afraid to Ask for Help

It’s a good habit to try to resolve an issue yourself first, but there is no point to torture yourself for hours. Ask for help or guidance whenever needed. In the event that you can’t make sense of something all alone, it’s always smarter to concede that you’re stuck and request a little motivation or help from others. There’s no shame in needing assistance – in fact, it’s a good thing.

Prioritize Tasks

You will undoubtedly have an extensive rundown of tasks to finish every day, from individual tasks to parts of a project. Make a plan to handle these tasks – in the right order. Instead of ordering your tasks arranged by significance, consider the measure of time they require. Anything that can be finished in less than two minutes ought to be done right away. Next, handle the tasks that you fear the most or tasks you think that are hard. By putting these two things first, you’ve freed yourself from the annoyances of your day. Lastly, look at your outstanding responsibilities and organize by importance or due dates.

 Apply the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule was introduced by an Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto in the early 1900s. Also known as the Pareto’s principle, applying the rule can help in boosting productivity at work. The rule is simple: around 80% of the output is due to 20% of the input. This rule can help you in prioritizing the tasks. You should find out the tasks that will make the biggest impact on the outcome, and consider finishing them first.

Take Targeted Short Breaks

A healthy mind always brings productive results and the same goes for your team.  So, as opposed to pressurizing yourself in regards to due dates and expectations, center around boosting your vitality – and with it, productivity. Take short breaks (10-15 minutes) between work. It will enable you to restore your energy and concentration and focus more on your activity.

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo. The technique will allow you to make the best use of your time. Applying the technique is simple!

You should first select a task that is important, and then make a small oath to yourself that I will focus on the task for the next 25 minutes without any interruption. Now, you should set a timer, and then work on the task until the time is up. When the time is up, you should take a short break and go for a short walk or drink coffee. Your brain will recharge and assimilate new information during this period. Repeat the cycle until the work day is complete.

Delegate Work Efficiently

Another effective method to encourage and enhance productivity is keeping your needs and expectations clear from the beginning. When you delegate tasks to your team, describe to them about the undertakings that you need them to concentrate on. Set sensible assessments for how much time each member ought to commit to their tasks. In the meantime, enable your group to comprehend the quality work you expect toward the finish of the project. And assign the right tasks to the right people. If your delegation is on target, the team’s productivity will rise.

Know Your Team’s Strengths

Simply assigning tasks and duties isn’t enough. If you need to accomplish greater productivity, you have to comprehend what your colleagues are great at and assign them tasks accordingly. Know their strengths, and weaknesses, and you can avoid half the delays in a project off that alone.

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