Project Management for Students

University students don’t think of themselves as project managers, but the principles of project management are key for students to be successful. Maybe you’re a PhD student working on your thesis. Or you’re a freshman in college trying to balance your workload. Project management for students is the key to staying on top of what you need to do and when.


Project Management for Students

Most PhD students need to submit a timeline to their thesis advisers, for example. Many PhD students use a Gantt chart to create a timeline for their thesis. By doing this, they are actually turning their thesis into a project – and that means project management.

University students balance a course load along with extracurricular activities. Students must remember due dates for assignments, engagements, commitments, and schedule study time in order to succeed. This, too, follows the dynamics of project management. The project is your schoolwork. Project management for students means designing a workflow around your tasks that ensures deadlines are met while accounting for all the responsibilities you may have.

Benefits of the Project Management Framework

Framing your schoolwork as project management has two benefits.

Firstly, it integrates all the different aspects of your studies and student life into one framework. On the surface, the debate team and your psychology class don’t appear to be the same thing. But when it comes to your schedule, and your workflow, they are both parts of the project called “Succeeding in College.”


Secondly, it puts your goal front and center in your focus. Projects are built around a goal. The goal is the organizing principle – everything is set up around achieving it.

With both of these components, schoolwork and university life change. Everything is within a framework, and that framework focuses everything on the goal.


Project management for students is not a buzzword – it’s a path to success. Adopting a project management framework for your studies ensures all your student life is put into on e framework, and that framework is focused on the goal of your success.


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