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Proggio Review: Introduction

Proggio is a relatively new application, introduced in 2016. It combines a new approach to a timeline (called a “Projectmap”) with task management capabilities underneath. As such, it may be the only way to avoid Gantt charts and still have a project management solution that can really handle long term plans and not only short-term tasks.

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What we really liked about Proggio is the way that it behaves just as a project manager would expect it to. The interface takes well known ideas like block diagrams and swim-lane charts and turns it into a powerful project management solution. As simple as this may sound, no other solution does this!

Project Planning

As mentioned above, Proggio handles project planning with a Projectmap. It is an interface that enables the sketching of project plans, as sometimes suggested by mind-map apps. However, this interface is built for projects and the sketch becomes linked and dynamically changeable as you go along. If you are an experienced Gantt chart user, leave it behind you. Here you can create project plans the way people do with spreadsheets –  smart, condensed, and including all the important details. The outcome is clear and other people can understand the plan at a glance. This is a real breakaway from the traditional pesky Gantt chart.

Pro Tip: Try the multi-user behavior! If you have several team members sitting in different locations, have them to login to Proggio.  Make some changes to the project, and everything you do will be reflected on their screens in real time (like Google docs). This makes actual collaborative project plans a possibility.

Task Management

The task management capabilities offered by Proggio are not the best in class, and you may find more options with JIRA or Asana. However, this is the only project management application where tasks are built into the timeline, which allows for automatic updates and a holistic project management structure.

proggio review task management

Every block on the planning canvas functions as a task container and a complete task plan can be built underneath. This is part of the “Map” approach to the Proggio solution, where more details are revealed when going downstream, as in an online street map.

The solution has an in-app chat, with some predefined buttons to select from. If a team is on board, the ownership assignment and the ability to “talk” over the plan takes this solution one step forward – you can practically operate your plan within the tool, not just track it.  

Pro Tip: There’s a list view and a Kanban view available, and each team member can use whichever they prefer. The list view has multiple filters available. The Kanban view is drag and drop capable, and every update to a task is reflected on the Projectmap.

Project Portfolio Management

The most fascinating function of Proggio’s PPM is the fact that it is generated automatically. It smartly takes milestones from the planning canvas and presents it as an arrow in the PPM upper layer. It is very similar to the types of slides that a project manager needs to prepare, but this time the slide is created automatically from the data that has already been placed into the project.

Pro Tip: Tagging your projects will allow for further filtering at the PPM level.

Ease of Use and Clarity

In this section I believe that Proggio is unrivaled. Planning is as easy as a few clicks on the timeline and dragging activities to their rightful place. Colors can be changed easily, the view size is changeable using the mouse wheel, and the resulting plan literally speaks for itself as anyone can look at it and understand it at a glance. Instead of taking an hour to explain the project using the traditional Gantt chart, it can now be explained in 2 minutes. Most of the data is there, self-explanatory, right in front of you.

Pro Tip: There are many “how to” videos on the company YouTube page that cover nearly every aspect of the platform.


There is no single license option for Proggio. According to the Proggio website, it is not possible to experience the platform properly without inviting team members. I’m not sure about that, since a single project manager can enjoy the app’s planning capabilities. 

Overall, Proggio can serve as a project workspace for an entire team – and boost productivity accordingly. The clear project plans and intuitive design for task management means everyone is on the same page, literally.

Pro Tip: There are integrations available for JIRA and Zapier, which means Proggio can increase productivity across the entire organization. In particular, the JIRA integration can really provide timeline planning for software development teams.

Proggio Review: Summary

Overall score: 9.1

Proggio is a breath of fresh air among many similar, stale options. It kills the Gantt chart and provides clarity, an all-in-one workspace for a team, and is priced competitively. The Starter package is $8 per user per month, and the Business package is $15 per user per month. For project teams, you can’t ask for a better platform.



Project Planning


Task Management


Project Portfolio Management


Ease of use




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