Productivity Hacks for 2019

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Franz Kafka

Productivity hacks are shortcuts, tricks or strategies that help you get more done in the same amount of time. Here are some productivity hacks you can use in 2019.


Set Daily Goals

Setting a daily goal helps to lessen the stress and anxiety of having to juggle multiple tasks in any given day. When you set daily goals for yourself, you’re framing your day around a theme/target. That keeps you on track, and always focused on where you want to get to.

Write Down Your 3 Most Important Tasks Every Morning

You don’t want any uncertainty in your work days – it’s a productivity killer. Every morning, take the time to prioritize your top three tasks. Be clear with what you write and use more than a three word description. The more clarity when writing, the easier your day will be. This hack actually has you zoom out to look at your work as a whole, and prioritizing it from a bird’s eye view is effective.

The Two-Minute Rule

It’s always inevitable that little tasks pop-up throughout the day, but you don’t want to waste time to keep on thinking whether or not you should do them. The best thing to do is ask yourself if you can finish the task in two minutes. If the answer is yes, do it. You’ve only lost two minutes of your day.

Be Aware of Your Mood

Our mood has a huge impact on our productivity. When we are calm and collected, it is very easy to stay focus and get through the day. When distracted by anger, confusion, depression or anxiety, it’s always take twice as long to accomplish anything.

Eat breakfast. It really helps your mood!

Avoid Unnecessary Tasks

Successful people are not only great at handling important tasks – they also have a knack in knowing what tasks to avoid.

How can you do this? You can go to your boss and explain why this task is unnecessary. Don’t phrase it as a complaint. Always explain an alternative approach which would be faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Start with the Tough

Start your day with the most important or hardest task. When you start the day with the most important task or the hardest task, you are going to be able to move into other tasks for the day with a clear mind and positivity. If you don’t, that BIG thing that you need to do, looms over you for the whole day causing you to procrastinate and never really focus, as you work on the other tasks.

Listen to Music

As the famous American actor Johnny Depp said, “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”

A study from the University of Windsor, Canada by Teresa Lesiuk found that the quality is impaired and tasks are done longer when there is no music in the workplace. That’s because when you are affected by numerous noises and differing tones it can cause disturbance in your thought process. However, listening to melodic music helps you regain concentration quicker.

Man wearing headphones at work

Stand Up

When people settle into a chair, they’re more likely to get comfortable in the space. If you need things to progress quickly, embrace a stand up format, forgoing chairs completely. This keeps people from settling in and encourages them to get to the point and move on with their day.

Learn to Say “NO”

While you don’t want to be perceive as lazy, saying “yes” to every task leaves you overwhelmed. Saying “no” can also be its own source of stress. To make saying “no” easier, create a strategy in advance, including email templates or scripts, to simplify the conversation.

Ten Minute Workouts

One way of increasing productivity is exercise. Exercises stimulates the release of endorphinas (“Happy Hormones”). You can go outside and take a jog. If you don’t want to go outside then use the treadmill. There are a lot of exercises you can just do in your home, or at your desk. Get moving!

Power Naps

A power nap is a nap that’s long enough to get you through the day, but not so long that it makes you groggy or unable to sleep at night. Think napping is only for the preschool set? Think again. Naps can be a boon for both your health and your productivity. That’s why some companies are making daytime sleep a part of their corporate ethos.

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