Review – Get You To Work All Week Review: Introduction (formerly known as “DaPulse”) is a growing task management app. Competing in this space with giants like Trello, JIRA and Asana, Monday must bring something else on board to be competitive – and it does! Highly customizeable task tables, with templates and endless options. review project management software

The Monday on-boarding experience is very simple – maybe even too simple. The starting point is as straightforward as a table with some pre-defined columns. Turning it into a task management tool requires some time and effort, but we still find it very effective in managing team tasks. In a way, Monday takes Asana tables in a friendlier direction, and combines it with a Trello board, but in a more scalable way – definitely a sweet spot in the task management market!

Project Planning

As with any other task management app, project management is not the main focus for It is possible to manage a project with the platform, but it will prove to be a painful experience as the tool is not really designed for long term planning. Monday is great for task management, especially short term sprints; the issue for a project manager is that a project isn’t built just by inputting tasks!

The app provides some kind of timeline, but it is more about presenting tasks on a timeline than creating a project timeline as a planning tool. We didn’t find this feature effective – it’s just a visual that is as responsive and reliable as the data you are already inputting into the system. Unlike a project timeline, you can only see as far as the tasks that are in the platform.

Moreover, even if all the tasks are there, painting the line of what belongs to each project is not a trivial task. It feels like the app is built to capture daily tasks looking several weeks ahead, as opposed to capturing project plans in their entirety.

Pro Tip: is claiming to encourage transparency, and that is well lined-up within trends of organization democracy and a better work environment. Keep in mind the push back you might get from some people that do want to stay in the dark!  

Task Management

The application is perfectly built for task management, and it does the job well. Getting things done is easy, and the endless customization options makes it less painful to capture each task properly.

The visual board helps a lot with seeing task status easily, and changing status is a breeze.

Pro Tip: Note that column titles are customizable too, so you don’t need to stay with the original template.

Project Portfolio Management

It’s not really there. As mentioned, the timeline feature is pretty basic, and as such, cannot provide a visual for a team portfolio.

The app does provide a set of reports that helps control the overall task status and set the right action.

Ease of Use and Clarity

Monday is fairly easy to use, with explanatory buttons and inputs. Finding where the timeline is in order to display it is a challenge, however. Monday lets you break down tasks, delegate them, and creates task based communication across the team. For its basic functions, Monday is easy to use. For certain advanced functions, Monday can be clunky and hard to understand.

Pro Tip: Monday has as exhaustive FAQ center with many good tidbits and tutorials. Even if the onboarding process is difficult, the learning curve is very shallow.


Monday can be a powerful productivity tool, as the tasks you are assigning your team members can be imported straight into their Google calendar. It allows for task updates, team chatting, and file transfers – all great tools for getting tasks done as a team.

Pro Tip: Monday allows you to “tag” streams, which can help keep things in front of team members’ eyes. The tags are built into the platform in a way that lets you share important data with your team. Review – Summary

Overall Score: 8.2

Monday is a great tool for managing tasks across a team. It doesn’t quite make the jump to managing a project, though. Use Monday for keeping a team on task, delegating, and staying on top of who is doing what and when. The intuitive interface makes for an easy transition for the team, and keeps them updating and communicating across the team.




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