Management Tips: From Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is a well respected publication read by many professionals across a wide variety of fields. Their articles are often helpful and enlightening.

On their website, HBR offers a management tip of the day. These are short, concise, and practical ideas that you can put into practice and be more effective. The tips come from different authors, so there is always a fresh perspective and different voices.

Harvard Business Review collected a lot of the old management tips and put them in book form. “Management Tips: From Harvard Business Review” isn’t the most creative or inspired name of a book, but it does come packed with great advice and insight. The book has management tips across different scopes – self, team, and business. Each idea is bite-sized, which makes it perfect reading for the commute or during a short five minute break. 

This book isn’t a deep read – each page is a stand alone tip. But you will find that each page can spark a day’s worth of thinking, and the kinds of insights that can really make a difference for your effectiveness and productivity. These are the kinds of tips that can help you craft your leadership style.

The first tip is a good example, and a good place to start.

Create a New Leadership Vision: Now is the time to clarify and refine your leadership vision. This requires both articulating your values and reexamining your goals for the future. Start by identifying the four or five most important episodes of your life – moments that defined who you are today. For each episode, articulate how it shaped your values. The draft a statement of your personal leadership vision. This is a compelling image of an achievable future. Describe the kind of leader you want to become and the major contributions you want to make to the world between now and 2025. What will you be doing in 2025 and, and what impact will you hope to be making?”

Sure. The exercise seems silly. But it was what gave us the motivation to start this website! We thoroughly recommend this book – keep it in your pocket, and check in with it regularly.

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