Green Project Management

Global warming is a hot button issue in today’s business and political world. Protecting the environment while maintaining profitable and beneficial business practices is a noble goal, and an increasingly important issue to civic-minded leaders. There are a few small but significant things project managers can do to contribute to efforts to become more “green” and sustainable. Green project management can be a challenge, but there are some small things we can do to make a difference.

Cut Down on Paper and Plastic

Thanks to the internet, we don’t need to print fifty copies of every Gantt and PowerPoint for every meeting. Send copies electronically, and ask people to bring laptops to meetings. Use electronic notification wherever possible. Cutting down on usage of paper and plastic will keep your team dialed in to the project management software, paying more attention to meetings, and of course will help protect the environment. Green project management can be as simple as thinking twice before hitting “print.”

green project management

Measure Milestones By Environmental Impact

This can be difficult to accomplish when your customer isn’t interested in extra cost or expense, but how you manage your project isn’t the only thing you can change. You can also change what you’re doing, too. Are there environmentally friendly ways to accomplish your goals? Can you create work processes that are green? Every little bit can make a difference. Whether the materials sued or the work process in using them, you can make a small but meaningful impact with an emphasis on environmentally friendly work. You can always get a certification in green project management, too.

Green Your Workspace


Besides green project management, you can do something at your place of work, too. You can start with recycling bins at work, if there aren’t any already there. Implement green initiatives at work, if you can. A team building exercise cleaning trash out of a park, for example, can both create team camaraderie and also do good for the environment (plus serve as some good PR for the company!). Dialing back the air conditioner or heat by a degree or two can save in electricity costs and make a difference to the environment, too.

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