Easy Tips on Motivating Your Project Team Members

how to motivate project team

When you can make sure that your team members are happy with their work environment and with their jobs, you can expect that they will produce high-quality output as well. Nothing kills productivity more than a miserable workspace and unfulfilling job.

So, the big question now is how do you ensure, as the project manager, that your team members will remain motivated and energetic throughout the duration and successful completion of the project?

It is not that complicated nor will it require a lot of you. Sometimes, even just a simple “Hi. How are you doing?” can already lift up the spirits of your team members because you have given them time and you are interested to know about how they are and what their challenges and successes are with the part of the project that they are handling.

As a project manager, you should be able to drive your team forward and maintain consistent productivity until all of the deliverables are met satisfactorily. How then do you encourage your team members to work efficiently and remain enthusiastic about their tasks? Here are some tips on how you can motivate them.

Be Better at Communicating

Don’t be just another face on the wall or a name on memos. You should be flesh and blood to your team members so that they can relate to you better. While you should remain as a good and effective leader that they can look up to, you should also be approachable and sincere. Give time to communicate with them informally and speak to them in person, not just in emails or instant messages.

As the project manager, you can boost their morale by making them feel valued. And one sure way that you can do this is by talking to them and showing them that you appreciate their hard work.

Also be there for them when they are facing challenges with their tasks. They should be able to openly communicate with you if they are having trouble because then, you can provide help so that the project can move forward smoothly.

Set an Example

Your team members are not robots that you can program according to your ideals. They are human; they have strengths and weaknesses just like you. If you work hard every day, you may not expect them to put in as much commitment and effort as much as you do. However, if they can see how much you put into the project to get it done, you can inspire them to also give their 101%.

You can never make a person work harder by giving commands and orders. You will just appear bossy and insensitive. Instead, lead by example so that you can motivate them to give their best for the success of the project.

You are their role model as the project manager. If you just slack around, then they will do the same because they can see that you do not have that sense of urgency, and you don’t give importance to the progress of the project. By being committed to your roles and tasks as the project manager, you will set the mood that with the right attitude, goals can be achieved.

Empower Your Team Members

Don’t just be a boss who tells team members to do this or that. Good leadership is not just about giving commands. It is about providing the opportunity for the team members to have a say on things. Ask them for their thoughts about a certain process. What are their suggestions? Maybe they have a better idea on how to get things done faster and more efficiently.

Most of the team members are easily intimidated and may not speak their minds unless they are asked. That’s why it is important to give time for such meetings just to ask them what they think. Take note of what they have to say and truly consider their suggestions. If it can benefit the project, then there’s no reason not to implement it. Don’t forget to appreciate them for their contributions.

Give them the Chance to Advance

Another killer of enthusiasm for work is the thought that they’re stuck in the same position. People will stagnate if they do the same task over and over without any chance for advancement in their career. There is nothing to strive for. A dead-end job is not something that anyone would want to have.

Allocate some of your resources for training where team members can acquire new knowledge and skills that they can use in order to move forward in their career in the future. Good team members should not be kept in the same spot because they’re great at what they do. They should be given a chance to expand their horizon; to move to greener pastures when the opportunity presents itself.

Wrapping It Up

These are the ways that you can make your project team members happier and more fulfilled at their jobs. When they like what they’re doing, you can expect quality output from them and the commitment and enthusiasm to get things done. Hopefully, you as project manager will be able to be a good example and a great communicator who can empower them so that they can see that they can do so much more and aspire for greater goals.

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