Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships – Book Review

Morag Barrett’s book, Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships is THE book to use for building and utilizing relationships in the workplace.

All of us project management professionals know the secret to success in our industry is forming relationships. Whether members of our team, our vendors, collaborators, or management – we know better than most the value of relationships to accomplishing tasks and moving projects forward. We also know all too well how poor relationships can sink a project, or even a career. Everyone at some point has experienced how office politics affected them in their work. So much of our success is, ultimately, dependent on relationships.

But how do you form effective relationships in a business environment? How do we evaluate the relationships we have? How do we get relationships to grow from casual acquaintance to helpful ally?

cover of Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships

This book is not about being nicer. It is an in-depth strategy guide to growing your relationships to a point where those people will become your allies. You want people on your side through the good and bad, who will give honest feedback, hold you accountable, and who will coach you throughout your process. There was a famous Gallup poll asking people

Barrett shows how the principles of friendship are present in workplace relationships, and explains how to identify the people who can become your allies – and then how to get there. Barrett employs a Relationship Ecosystem that allows you to understand where your relationships are. Combined with her Ally Mindset technique, you can then analyze your current (or potential!) relationships and learn how to grow them into allies.

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One practical tip Barrett offers is joining a local organization with members who can be helpful to you in the future. Business clubs, the local political party meetings, the Masons, whoever or whatever – meeting people at these clubs or organizations is a great way to begin cultivating relationships. Find someone there in your field, get coffee with them once a week, and you are already on your way.

We loved Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships. We think you will, too.

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