Good Strategy Bad Strategy – Book Review

good strategy bad strategy

Strategy is one of those business buzzwords that everyone throws around and barely means anything anymore. Asking someone to define what strategy *is* will probably be met with a blank stare, a stammer, and a lot of “you know?” Of course, crafting a business strategy is crucial. Even below the …

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Management Tips: From Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is a well respected publication read by many professionals across a wide variety of fields. Their articles are often helpful and enlightening. On their website, HBR offers a management tip of the day. These are short, concise, and practical ideas that you can put into practice and …

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Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships – Book Review

Morag Barrett’s book, Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships is THE book to use for building and utilizing relationships in the workplace. All of us project management professionals know the secret to success in our industry is forming relationships. Whether members of our team, our vendors, collaborators, or management – we know …

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