Building Your Team’s Shared Purpose

Project managers know that building shared purpose across a team is integral for its success. When we talk about “shared purpose,” it simply means getting team members to be connected to the project’s mission and goals. To be an effective leader, you should be able to create a collective sense of purpose among the team – to connect each of the team members to the overall larger mission of your project, and to each other as well.

Serving to Connect Team Members

In today’s business environment, leaders should not only be giving instructions. They need to also be able to identify the needs and talents of each individual in their team. This is a way to develop the potential of the team members. If this can be done, then each of the members of the team can contribute to the project meaningfully.

Leaders such as project managers should be able to inspire and encourage the team members so that they will feel that they are truly involved and important part of the success of the project. As a project manager, you must demonstrate that you care about the individuals that you lead. People work harder when they feel cared for!

Leadership is not just a position where you can command; it is a call to service. You should set the example for your team members that what you are doing is not just for the paycheck. It is about having a sense of shared purpose and belonging to the bigger community of the organization and its mission.

Purpose, Not Profit

Shared purpose grows team connections

Individuals want to belong to an organization or a team that achieves a purpose. That goes far beyond raking in profit! All of us want to feel fulfilled – and that fulfillment comes from seeing that what we are doing is contributing to a greater purpose. This is something that project managers should be able to share with the people in their team. It is not just day in and day out work, its a calling – we need to show our team the overall effect of our project, and the significant impact it will have on society. When team members hear that calling, you’ve succeeded in building shared purpose.

Cultivate Relationships

Solving the relationship puzzle

Team members want to be able to contribute to the success of the project. Give them the opportunity to do so! When it comes to decisions that involve the whole team, allow them to have a say in it. They will feel more involved, and they will also feel accountable for the decision. This makes them truly a part of the team, and not just employees who follow orders. Building shared purpose begins with giving a voice to members of the team.

As a project manager, you need to be approachable and listen to what your team members have to say. Don’t lock yourself in your office all day, closed off from the rest of the team. As the leader, you should be involved to the point that you know how each of the members is doing at their level. This is how you can instill in them the shared purpose of your project.

Wrapping it Up

If a shared purpose in the team can be cultivated, you can ensure that the team will have a feeling of fulfillment and will work toward the success of the project. When you, as the project manager, can keep the team members engaged in the process of the project, you can connect them to the mission and the shared purpose of the team. These are key factors that will ensure great performance from each individual.

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