Book Review: Project Management Lite: Just Enough to Get the Job Done…Nothing More

So you’re an accidental project manager. Or just starting out, wet behind the ears. Or there’s one project you have to manage, for whatever reason. Project Management Lite: Just Enough to Get the Job Done…Nothing More can be your Bible to get it done while learning on the job. It eschews jargon and technical speak in favor of actually guiding a novice through what they need to know and do to reach a successful delivery.

Juana Clark Craig, PMP is an experienced project manager and coach. She takes a slow and simple approach with the book – you can read it in the better part of two hours, but it isn’t meant to just be an informative read. It’s meant to be a reference and guide for novice project managers, and it does that well. The book has a nice humorous tone, which helps break things down to manageable and digestible tidbits. There are checklists, worksheets, and guidelines, which are an invaluable resource for someone starting out.

PMLite page one

Juana really starts at the absolute basic beginning, as you can see. An experienced project manager might find this book to a waste of time, but they’re not the audience Juana is talking to. A novice will appreciate the solid, slow, simple buildup from the very beginning to the main concepts of project management. The book emphasizes the need to define the scope of a project, plan the project properly, and communicate with the team to stay on top of the project. Each chapter starts out with a quote that encapsulates the message of the chapter perfectly. These are great mnemonics down the road, too, helping you retain the information written there.


If you’re first starting out in the project management sphere, this book is the guide you need. With it, you have a roadmap that will get you from the initial “oh, no!” to the accolades for a successful job well done. It has the information and exercises you need to get up and running on your first project, with no background. If that’s you, buy this book.

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