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Asana Review: Introduction

Asana is a task management application built to scale. Starting as a task management app, the company has recently started to replace the inbox. This may change the way the application evolves.

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One can look at Asana as a task table that is built to scale. While this may sound simple, it is probably built the right way for big organizations to use it for managing tasks organization wide.

Being built to scale, Asana may not provide enough value for the small team, who may find Monday or Trello as a better option.  

Project Planning

As with any other task management app, project management is not the main focus. It is possible to manage projects here, but it requires a lot of work. The platform is built for delegating and monitoring tasks, not integrating across workstreams. 

The app suggests timeline management with add-ons, but adding a pesky Gantt chart to the set of tasks simply doesn’t work. In a way, if what you need is a timeline, why not just create a timeline with a real project management app?

The table-style nature of Asana makes it really hard to identify the outline of a project. It is a kind of “everything that we need to get the work done” type of solution, not something you can show your managers or customers to answer the question “how are we doing?” with a project.

Pro Tip: Tasks can have sub-tasks built into them, so create task groups that can be managed in a connected way.

Task Management

Asana makes task management as scalable as it can get. Large organizations will find it more relevant than single users or small teams, especially when the number of tasks is sizeable.

asana review task management

The table helps a lot with seeing tasks within context of the organization fairly easily. Some of the functionality is free, but organizations will likely find what is offered insufficient.

Pro Tip: The communication tools are centered around tasks, and are integrated with Google drive, DropBox, and other file sharing sites.

Project Portfolio Management

Not really there. As mentioned, the timeline is an add-on with Asana and as such the app itself cannot provide a visual for a team portfolio.

The app does provide a set of reports that helps control overall task status and set the right action.

Ease of Use and Clarity

Asana is beautifully laid out, with intuitive design and self explanatory controls. Asana isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it actually incorporates its beautiful design into how it presents information within the app. Space is used for maximum effect but with a simplistic feel. All in all, this is one of the easiest apps for users to master, and its pleasing to look at.

Pro Tip: Make use of the reports generated by Asana. They become part of the user experience, and really enhance performance.


Here is another area Asana shines. Task management is streamlined in Asana. It is easy to delegate, easy to track progress, and easy to communicate with team members. Each task can be broken down into sub-tasks, which is really quite helpful. Progress can be easily reported. If you are managing a team, or working collaboratively, Asana is truly helpful.

Pro Tip: Asana integrates with over 100 other apps, and can easily become the hub of your team.





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