About Us

PMO Talk was created to be a home for all professionals in the project management field, by a group of experienced project managers and PMOs with track records in various verticals. After investigating many sites, we found that either the target audience are beginners PMs, or that the site lacks objectivity in the content  (and sadly, often both!). That is when we decided to make this site – and that PMO Talk will have ZERO advertisement of any kind. No sponsored content, no banners, and no video ads. We will only provide real homemade content with real value to our professional community.

We write and edit all our own work, and we take great pride in it too! We will try to share tips and advice based on our experiences, applying the lessons we have learned to new and exciting issues in the field. It is our hope that this site becomes a valuable resource for our fellow project managers and PMOs.

If you want to contribute articles, or ask any questions, feel free to contact us via email: admin AT PMO Talk dot com.

If you’re looking to submit ad inquiries, or guest posts suggestions with links to your product or service, please don’t waste our time, or yours.

Hope you will enjoy this site as much as we do!

-the PMO Talk Team