10 Best Project Management Podcasts

If you are new to project management or would like to continually learn what’s new about it, you should definitely listen regularly to project management podcasts. You have a wide array of choices when it comes to these learning resources. Here are some of the best ones around that you should give time to listen to if you want to grow in the field of project management.

project management podcasts

Oracle Technology Network ArchBeat

Many project managers are using Oracle platforms, and the numbers continue to increase. PMs are always looking for ways from different resources in improving performance. With this podcast, listeners have the chance to get insights from the experiences of other PMs who use Oracle platforms regularly. This helps the fledgling and experienced PMs a lot in learning how to be faster and more efficient in performing their tasks.

PMI Washington DC

One of the world’s most respected resource when it comes to education and history of project management is the Project Management Institute. This podcast provides listeners with a vast range of topics to learn from. Apart from that, there are also guest speakers hosting the episodes. Most of them come from major corporations. There’s a lot the PMs can learn from this podcast.

Fix My Project Chaos

There are many things that can go wrong in handling projects. Every PM has some list of tricks and tips to avoid mishaps from happening. You can read about it in blogs, but this can be time-consuming. With Fix My Project Chaos, you can listen to the podcast while your commuting or doing your workout. The episodes cover a lot of topics in managing projects, especially in strategies for risk management, engaging stakeholders, improving relations, and improving the overall management of projects.

5’PM Podcast

This is the kind of podcast you will love if you are always on the go and busy with tasks or meetings. Most of the episodes last for just five minutes or less. The host of the podcast will usually discuss the latest news and topics in the world of project management as well as give advice to listeners who are new and still learning in this field.

The Project Management Podcast

This one is a great source of topics about anything in project management. You can get advice about getting certified to how you can improve your collaboration with your team and other stakeholders. The sessions of this podcast provide ample time for PM experts to share their views and experiences with the listeners. For premium subscribers, they can even request for the transcripts of each of the podcast episodes.

Project Management War Stories

This podcast has Wayne Thompson as the host. He has published over fifty episodes already. He shares with his listeners about the basic principles of project management. He also provides lessons that he learned from previous projects, both successes, and failures. There are episodes that are short, at just four minutes. However, most of them are at around twenty minutes. This can be a great resource to listen to while you’re doing your cardio workout.

Guerrilla Project Management Podcasts

This podcast has ten episodes but they are truly valuable, and you should give time to listen to them. They also have a blog where you can read about more articles on project management. The interviews in the podcasts are sure to be interesting for anyone in the PM field. You can browse through the different topics such as risk personality types, risk psychology, women in project management, and so much more.

The Sensible Project Manager Podcast

With over twenty episodes, this podcast discusses a lot about project management. Mark Phillipy hosts the episodes where he asks them to share their thought so that the listeners can learn from their experiences. There are also times that the host himself shares his own thoughts, deviating from the usual format of interviews. If that sounds interesting to you, you should try listening to one of the episodes that last anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.

PM for the Masses Podcast

If you want to stand out as a project manager, give some time to listen to this podcast. The host, Cesar Abeid interviews experts in the field and asks them to share some tips on how to excel in the world of project management. He also offers his own experiences and insights on managing projects, especially the triumphs and failures. This is a fertile ground for those who want to make the most out of their free time and learn more about project management.

The Lazy Project Manager Podcast

Peter Taylor hosts this podcast. It started in 2013 after publishing his book which bears the same name as the podcast. He is arguably among the most inspirational and entertaining speakers in the world of project management. He also advocates strongly for working smarter and not harder. You can expect new episodes every month. The typical duration of each episode is at around fifteen to forty-five minutes.

Wrapping it Up

Now you have the best choices when it comes to project management podcasts. Whenever you have free time, try to listen to some of the episodes of the podcast of your choice every day so that there is always something being added to your library of knowledge on project management.

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